I read a lot. I read often. I read a Facebook update in which the person felt bad for the woman so bored she read her entire Greyhound ticket carriage contract. That update was not about me, but I have read things like that. I read and read and read. And I have good reading comprehension, even if I can barely remember song lyrics or movie quotes. But in all of this reading, I don’t remember where I read something. Or if I remember it correctly. And so I am trying to make this my place to collect the things I read.

1. Sugar only makes kids hyper in their parents’ minds.
My precis is that in double-blind studies, if parents were told their children had sugar, parents then believed and reported that their children were hyperactive. But the children had not had any sugar, so any hyperactive behavior couldn’t be blamed on sugar. In other cases, the parents were told kids had not had sugar, and then, even if the kids had had sugar, the parents reported the kids were not hyperactive.
as of Feb 2009

2. There is a lot of caffeine in coffee. There is not much caffeine in soda, even Mountain Dew, so there waitresses who frown on pregnant women enjoying a Coke.
First caffeine amounts in Wikipedia
12 oz of coffee has 200mg of caffeine. It takes 40 oz of Mountain Dew to get 200mg of caffeine. 68oz of Coke. 18 oz of black tea. 400 oz of decaf coffee.
And in pregnancy, the safe limits of caffeine is described as 200 mg of caffeine. And 200mg makes 1-2 cups of coffee. Or a hell of a lot of Coke. And this is fairly squishy science, as some studies show no problems and some show at 300 mg of caffeine a day, the miscarriage rate doubles. So while, I can see worrying about caffeine as an overall diet issue for pregnant women, I just don’t think we need to discuss it while I order supper. I full expect the data on this topic to shift. But this is what I know now.
as of Feb 2009

3. How to Stop Coughing. I read this Health Club story in the Chicago Tribune today and I quoted it to Rob several times. I am not sure if it is true or bunk or even worth repeating. But if I do repeat it – in precis: It is better to sip water and swallow phlegm, where your stomach acid will destroy it, than to cough it out where you’ll spread it to others.

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