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Ugly Betty

I love Ugly Betty. It is campy and funny and dramatic and has plot. It covers social issues without making them into a Very Special Issue. On the season finale, I have to say it took me days to have the name come to mind. The dental assistant just stayed with me, beyond the absolute drama of a true cliffhanger season finale. Was it Amy Sedaris, playing a not-made-up-to-be-ugly role for once, as the dental hygienist? What a marvelous detail.

June 10, 2007

Criminal Minds

I turned the Tivo Season Pass off to Criminal Minds a few weeks ago. My sleep has been better as result. We started watching the show with a terrorism episode. It was clever (plot: FBI profilers working on the biggest, freakiest and weirdest criminal cases). The profiling is entrancing. But after that one stellar episode, the show devolved into sex, serial killers and ick. Not even particularly good puzzles. I am disappointed because I like the cast. Mandy Patinkin, Thomas Gibson, and the guy who plays Dr. Reid–so good. And Garcia, the computer whiz. And Derek Morgan. The cast is funny, smart, entertaining. Why do the cases have to be excessively gory? How frustrating.

February 27, 2007

Blue’s Clues

It took the episode when Blue was sad and needed to play Blue’s Clues to tell Joe why she was sad for me to say, “Oh my God, is this show passive-aggressive or what?” As I listened to Joe wonder why Blue was sad and then find the clues (And parallel preschool emotional kerfuffles) I could only think about when Sesame Street decided to make Snuffaluffagus visible to all people. Because secrets are not good for little children if they mean adults don’t believe what they are saying. And kids need to know adults will believe them if they ever come forward with a story of abuse or other weirdness. And as much as Joe does figure out Blue’s feelings (she was sad about someone knocking over her blocks in preschool, if you must have it spoiled), the “game” destroyed any style of communication I’d like my kids to model.

But I have to say that if whoever invents a way for kids to create their own Blue’s Clues will be a genius. And a kijillionaire with the right marketing. Not a pre-set game. But a way for kids to have a situation and plant 3 clues for their parents to figure it out. Blue’s Clues is so successful, we may need this tool to find out how future 15 year olds wrecked dad’s car or how all of the white keys on the piano ended up pink.

February 27, 2007

Curious George

Why is it that in the country, the kid next door thinks that George is a “city kid,” while the grown-ups acknowledge he is a monkey, but in the city, the kids know George is a monkey and the grown-ups think he is a grown-up?

And the best line from television this month: “I think if we spoke Dachshund, this wouldn’t have been a surprise.”

September 18, 2006

Studio 60

It isn’t even on yet, but I am dismayed that the devotional coverage of Aaron Sorkin has no mentions of Sports Night. Egads.

September 18, 2006

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