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to remember

6 January 2011

As Miranda and Henry grow, I don’t think I should tell all of their stories. Even if they are funny. Darn ethics, I thought I had squashed you. But Bella – in preserving the big kids’ privacy, I am not recording the moments I’ll forget in her life. And I want to remember.

This is the year with the kookoo tree. Kookoo claus is pretty scary. Unless you circle him a few times in the mall and then maybe you can sit on his lap. Or at least that worked for Bella. She also will sing boo-boo bells, but not if you put the video recorder near her. She will laugh at us and say, Christmas and Santa next year. But this year, the kookoo tree is the most beautiful thing in the house, or maybe the world.

She cries to get her own way, but in an adorably manipulative way. We’re so screwed when she is 13.  Or 7. She doesn’t cry when she runs into the island countertop, or spins the bar stools and the arm rest whack her in the forehead. She has a plasmacar and can whirl around the house. (That’s the nifty little hot wheel type car that doesn’t have pedals, instead you turn the steering wheel and it goes! whee!) She talks all the time – and on New Year’s Eve, she even said a full sentence: No, I hold that baby!   Baby Natalie visited us. 6 month olds are too precious. Bella seemed like a giant next to her.

Grandpa just converted her crib into a toddler bed. She likes it, even if she isn’t quite ready to fall asleep in it. She is toying with toilet training. And preschool registration is at the end of the month! Only 6 months to succeed.

She loves baby dolls. Her kitchen set. Diego, Dora, Max and Ruby. Books. Henry’s light sabers and swords and guns. She likes puzzles and coloring and putting “pope” on her skin. (lotion in this case) She likes the water – swimming or bath or just the kitchen sink. She decides to wash her hair when she plays in the water for too long.  She also loves her big brother and sister. She thinks her uncle is the best and his dog is all that.

Being a 2 year old is pretty challenging. And Bella is pretty good at it. Click on any photo to start the slideshow.

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