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slowing down

19 April 2010
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I have been working an absurd amount for my part-time job. We had an event. It was nice. And now I am going to work less. And that will be good. Having the big event over is a relief and a little bit of a gap mentally. I’ve been working toward it for so long and now, I’m not.

Oh, what should I work on next? Besides returning to child care much more thoroughly and fondly. That old saw about if I promise to miss you, do you promise to go away? It works. The kids missed me. The hugs. The joy. That immediate return to ‘Mom, can you get me some milk?’

Just checking into say I am alive. Things are going well – unlike some long web silences.

10 days in 5 minutes

11 April 2010
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Miranda swore to me at bedtime tonight that the last 10 days (her Spring Break) flew by in 5 minutes. But the thought of having me check on her in 15 minutes, that was huge! And maybe if 15 minutes took 30 days, I could see her point.

It was a busy crammed up week. We started with a family dinner in Green Bay last Saturday with so many adorable little babies. Sunday was the Easter baskets and church and visiting just long enough with my grandparents to catch up but that the children don’t exhaust them. Then Monday, the kids went to a  friend’s house and Miranda had swim team practice. Tuesday, I worked and Rob stayed home and bought Henry a new bike (Novarra from REI 20 inch, BMX style for those playing along at home) and Miranda had swim team practice. Wednesday, we did doctor appointments and Miranda had swim team practice. Thursday, I headed to work early, then I took the big kids to Skateland with friends and later Rob and I took M and H to Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakal at the local movie house. Friday, I took Miranda to work with me and then the kids had friends over and I took the 4 of them to Diary of A Wimpy Kid. Which was fair.  And we went out to dinner. Saturday, Henry went to swim class, then Rob, Henry, Arabella and I headed to Madison. Miranda had a sleepover at a friend’s on Saturday night and spent the day with my mom. It is true – once you have 3 kids, taking 2 kids is easy. I am not willing to try having 4 kids to see if the pattern holds. In Madison, I wanted to go to SWAP. And see the Bishops. And as we get into town and get gas, the battery of the van dies and cannot be jumped back to life. So tow truck and battery replacement at a dealer before we can enjoy happy fun time. The kids and I ditched Rob and went to SWAP with K who was kind enough to try to help us jump the car and ferry us around. I forgot my purse on the trip, which sucked in many ways.  We did make it home. Today, we had a lovely brunch with friends. And then I wanted to go shopping but there aren’t enough hours. Even though Crate and Barrel has adorable juice glasses again and I’ve now broken or lost all of my old ones.

It seems impossible to believe it was more tiring to live it.


In other news, I don’t usually catch much good spam on this blog, but I have to say this one amused me:

“I’m 22 and run a p3n1s enlargement company with my sister and live in sunny San Diego, California with my 2 wonderful children.”

Is that not wrong on so many levels? Is having your sister involved in genital remodeling ever a good idea?