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5 January 2010

Resolutions…I can’t say I am eager to even write some list of resolutions. I see the appeal. The calendar says we are starting over. The cold barren winter says we’re going to die. Or maybe we can burrow down and make it through the winter. If we can just believe that winter will end. I wonder if in less northern latitudes are there as many of these mournful, morbid thoughts?

Resolved, I will be more patient with my children. Particularly at bedtime. While growing in patience, I want to feel more confident and comfortable enforcing the limits and boundaries.

Resolved, to find a class for Henry. Something that interests and amuses him. He may still have to swim because swimming is good for you. But it isn’t really fun to him.

Resolved, to increase Miranda’s opportunities to be more confident. In her voice. In her friendships. In her schoolwork.

Resolved, to play with Bella more. She is taking such a delight in running, climbing, eating, babbling. And if there are no more words than mama and ampa and papa and amma…by let’s say, June? I’ll get an evaluation. For my own sanity.

Resolved, borrowing the Penelope Trunk’s resolution method, I will put on workout clothes three times a week. And take my bike out of the garage in April, get the tires pumped up, and adjust the seat.

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