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not a good idea

6 September 2009

On our drive down to IKEA today, we passed a skydiving school. If I ran a skydiving school or even controlled the zoning for commercial enterprises in a town, I would not put the school next to a  major interstate. Even if that interstate made it really easy for your customers to find you. Because it is quite disconcerting to drive 70 mph down I-43 and have people in parachutes drifting toward the ground. And knowing that they would in fact cross the freeway (they did) and land safely (they did), but fearing the big splat.

IKEA was as IKEA is. Crowded. Exceptionally creamy frozen yogurt. Good prices, but if you buy a full cart’s worth, all of the $5’s plus $16’s plus $59’s really start to add up. I wonder if their strategy also includes how much a pain it is to return things. If it were closer, I might have saved 2 things for next time. As it is, I am now wondering if it is worth going back.

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