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1 September 2009

Years ago (I would have swore it was more recent), I read about second generation traffic calming. In essence, in Suzhou China in 2004, traffic flows without any rules. And with this chaos, there is safety, as everyone has to slow down because no one has the “right” to dominate the roads. The idea has been a challenge to my rules-loving little mind every since. Especially when I think that article is from 2004 and I remember reading it.

I have been expanding my mind this week.

Bella has discovered the magic waterfall that is a free flowing toilet paper roll. She tugs and it falls and falls and falls. I think she has unwound entire rolls of paper. It is annoying to find this pile of toilet paper on the floor. Do I roll it back up? It won’t roll. She appreciates any negative attention related to the T.P. and somehow the door always ends up open at some point during the day.

Right now, the toilet paper is chaotically mounded in a bucket. My instinct is that I should find the end and neatly tear off what I need. But I have been trying to battle the constrictions of habit.  And it is much easier to just grab a section and rip out what I need.  Why does toilet paper come on a roll?  Is that the easiest way to package and ship it? I wonder if there would be a market for toilet paper seconds – the unrolled – sold in bags? Same softness, but you don’t have to pay for the robot that rolls the paper onto the roll? The plus to the chaotic pile is that it doesn’t seem to attract Bella at all. The whirl of the free falling paper was her interest, not the ripping.

While pondering the patterns that the roll of toilet paper unrolled has brought, we also are gently discouraging toilet paper play. A large rubber band around the roll impedes us all. And I just read online that if you squeeze the roll you can break its magical waterfall effect.

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  1. Your toilet paper roll musings may cause my head to explode. I fear only true enlightenment can come with pure understanding of… the roll.

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