January 2008

Featuring: Thinking about parenting, the trying to have a baby is getting to me, I internalize watching Scrubs, vacation planning

A quote: My car, which I was in but I was not the driver, ran out of gas just west of Jackson.

February 2008

Featuring: We lose a lamp, the kids paint the sliding doors, Babies are born, Henry turns 4, Miranda has tubes put in her ears

A quote: The surgery center is a very interesting thing. All of the upside of surgery and none of those pesky overnight patients. Brilliant. Whoever thought of it must be quite rich.

March 2008

Featuring: We celebrate my mom's birthday, and I spend the rest of the month ill, it seems

A quote: Early this week Henry said to me. "There are two kind of Ps in the world. The P(ea)s you eat and the P(ee) that comes out of you in the bathroom."

April 2008

Featuring: Construction begins, I find the trick to printing photos in B&W on copy machines, It rains and rains and rains, we build an airplane, I announce I am pregnant, an unhappy amblyopia checkup, I reminisce

A quote: He examined the tree my dad cut down, but my mean dad left the branches too big for a 4 year old to wield with any ninja/pirate/Star Wars zest.

May 2008

Featuring: We have fabulous visitors, a big ultrasound (it's a girl!), a trip to San Francisco. I hurt my foot. The new construction is constructed. Henry finishes 3 year old preschool.

A quote: There is a hole in our yard. A gaping yawning hole. I have probably read Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel too many times, but I underestimated how big the whole hole would be. (In that story, if it wasn't beloved in your childhood, the steam shovel does such an amazing job at digging a big, deep hole, it gets stuck at the bottom. And when it can't get out, it is converted to a boiler. Not sure, as an adult, what the take-away message is there.)

June 2008

Featuring: A Brewers game, new kids bikes, I am showing, I full (over?) schedule summer vacation, the baby starts kicking, my brother gets married

A quote: For anyone concerned, we have not drowned in the great midwestern flood of 2008.

July 2008

Featuring: Snarky pregnant woman observations, we visit the Dells for the 4th--thank god for missing lakes, Another ultrasound (still a girl!), I rant about over scheduling, the kids watch a bike race and ride in one too, I start the baby countdown

The Dells photos

A quote: Henry talked my mom into buying Trix cereal. And then she convinced him that if he didn't finish his whole bowl, the rabbit would show up and steal it. Wouldn't you leave just a few bites to see if the rabbit would really show up?

August 2008

Featuring: Pregnancy brain! the garden grows, I am just so cranky, Being 7 suits Miranda

A quote: For the last few days, Miranda has off and on tried to figure out how war is different than Capture the Flag.

September 2008

Featuring: I am loving that there is a finite end to this pregnancy with my schedule c-section for Sept 26. HA! Ha! Arabella is born on September 9th, healthy, happy and tiny. She likes sleeping and eating. I am living in the present and it is mind-boggling.

A quote: She is just occupying a huge part of my brain, parts that normally think about world peace or curtains or when I last vacuumed. You know, parts of my brain I hardly ever use.

October 2008

Featuring: Arabella may be sleeping more than me, She has a lot of clothes, we try and fail to get into the Halloween spirit, I start sleeping enough to reflect on things as funny (to me)

A quote: My sleep is dreamless and I fall asleep instantly. If sleep is our time to record memories, to grow, to digest, to recharge, I think I am doing a less than stellar job. Like a NiMH battery that needs to be fully drained to take a new charge. Hmmm, that may be a bad analogy. Or perfect. If I slept more, I might know.

November 2008

Featuring: A dramatic drop-off in NaBloPoMo posts, I am so ready for the Obama vote and feel so much lighter after he wins, clearly, Bella gets baptized, Henry gets antibiotic weirdness, Bella starts wearing 6 months clothing, Christmas shopping, and November thoughts

A quote: Henry says while giggling, "What if Chip and Dale stored their nuts in our ceiling. And then the nuts all fell out of the ceiling and landed in the toilet. And then Donald Duck used the toilet and he went to the bathroom on like 100 nuts?"

December 2008

Featuring: Being postpartum enough to feel peckish, DSL is difficult, I tried to call in gay, Bella is a smiley little angel, we explore video, Bella eats rice cereal and loves it, Christmas was terrific, Chanukah was great, we're ready for a new year

A quote: We went to the longest children's mass ever told. The high point was Henry repeating "I hate church" just loud enough for everyone around us to hear it.