January 2007

Featuring: Loose teeth, the UWM Panther, The United States song, the Public Museum, birthday trips to Madison, singing, resolutions

Favorite quote: "I am not fixing the red eye in this picture because it totally looks like S and Henry have laser beams for eyes."

February 2007

We make rocks, Miranda takes photos, Pirate Henry turns 3, I overanalyze the ethnic potluck, and it snows A LOT.

Favorite quote: I ran out of windshield washing fluid today. I attempted to open the hood to add more fluid when I realized I didn't know where there latch to open the hood was. So I got out the Owner's Manual. Henry was intrigued. After we were on our way he asked for the "car book." He liked it enough to ask for it when we got back in the car a few hours later. At least he fell asleep reading it the second time.

Party recap

March 2007

We list the house, Rob gets influenza, We discuss Cake and Target, the house SELLS

Favorite quote: A few weeks ago, Rob introduced Miranda to the idea of calling Target Tar-jay. She thought it was odd. On the car ride to school today, we were listening to The Backyardigans CD. We were discussing from which episode each song came. For one song Miranda said,"it's the one with the Tarzans. Or the Tar-zays."

April 2007

We bid on a house, we're rejected, we bid on another house, we pack, we have a rummage sale, I am grumpy, no ore than that, curmudgeonly

Favorite quote: She had the hope that if he fell asleep first, I might deem her "unable to sleep" and let her stay awake. With the whine gear seemingly permanently engaged this evening, she was tilting at windmills with that plan: she was going to bed.

May 2007

We moved to my childhood bedroom but eek! we have DSL and no TiVo, Henry potty trains, we buy a new house, I'm emotional all over

On our way from the car to inside the restaurant, at the start of a big rain, Henry "Don't let the rain get at my hair. It will mess it up." And from the weekend, when Miranda said to Rob: "Are you really? In that shirt? And those shorts?" It's like we watch Bravo and the Style Network all day or something.

June 2007

We move, Henry cried, Miranda reads and graduates from Kindergarten, we visit Duluth where Rob runs a marathon.

Favorite Quote: After we were seated, she said, "Mom, that says Pad Thai." I nodded, as it made sense for the word Pad Thai to appear in a noodle restaurant. When I turned to look, she was actually seeing the sign directing you to sit on the patio. I love this kid!

July 2007

A bad month. A flurry of camp, paint and new home improvement.

Favorite Quote: Henry: "And there were marshmallows on his antlers! And candy too!" Can you not construct your own novel from just that phrase?

August 2007

Rob and I have our 9th anniversary, we have a series of half-hearted adventures, we have a joint open house & Miranda's 6th birthday party

Favorite Quote: The tail end of summer is whacking us in the face like an excited dog. The level of irritability in the house is amazing. Miranda can cry over the drop of a hat, or shoes on her feet, or not being able to push that button on the Leapster in the right way to pet her virtual dog. Henry has been peeing in his bed almost nightly. Unless one of us wakes up when he murmurs lightly and puts him on the toilet. It is a hard decision--sleeping lightly or doing the sheets every morning. I think I hate my hair. It seems all wrong. I am terrified to cut it as it will be shorter, but still all wrong. And I am going to meet all of these new people next week. With bad hair.

School phobia is the underlying current driving our days. Henry has asked 17 times this week if he can not go to camp again. being told that he doesn't go the camp anymore is not even vaguely reassuring. Miranda is being largely positive about school. Except for the nightmares. And the crying. And the inability to choose pants.

Rob has been grumpy too, but who can blame him living with the three of us

September 2007

Miranda starts school and likes it, she really likes it. I cry watching Love Actually. Henry likes preschool. Pirates loom large.

Favorite Quote: I have nothing to say. I have swirling internal angst and masses of insecurities. I have contractors I should call. And rooms I should paint. And books I should read. And rooms I should clean. And mosquitoes to kill.

October 2007

Witch and ghost Halloween, I de-plan a Halloween party, we trick or treat

Halloween has no Dickens or Grinch, no Irving Berlin or St Nick. And without the impetus to buy gifts for your family because it is tradition even if you don't really feel like it, Halloween can be pushed aside.

November 2007

NaBloPoMo, we hit the Dells, I rant about Christmas shopping, Miranda makes her first bershon, I catch up

Favorite quote: If given more time. I would most likely buy more. ... I should get it made up on business cards.

December 2007

It snows, Miranda writes a play, a lot of damn, Santa brings Christmas cheer, and Rob breaks the new chair

Dear Santa,
I tried out Rob's snowshoes. I want a pair too.